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Rubinstein joins Palm

Jon Rubinstein joins Palm. The marriage between Sunnyvale's company and former Apple hardware group manager was announced today in a statement.

Rubinstein, who joins Palm in an investment program promoted by Elevation Partners, at the head of which is another well-known face of Apple, or the ex CFO Fred Anderson, has long been the main point of reference for innovations in the IT field of Cupertino . He was responsible, for example, for the architecture of the G5. Rubinstein had recently been given the task of overseeing the strategic iPod sector; shortly after his assignment for Rubinstein announced his retirement, a rather surprising decision as Apple's designer and engineer had been one of the men closest to Jobs.

According to what Rubinstein learns, it will also continue in Palm, more or less, the same line that Apple has traveled, resuming work on pocket devices and in particular on phones. In this it can be said that I will try to contrast Apple itself since the Treos are indicated as the most likely competitors of the iPhone. And of the iPhone Rubinstein should know more than something since last April, after the resignation as a full time employee of Apple, he had the role of consultant through his new creation J.R. Ruby Consulting Corp.

Rubinstein will serve on the board of directors and take the position of executive chairman. Anderson will also join the Palm board of directors; the simultaneous presence of Anderson and Rubinstein on the board will configure the company's top management as a kind of reincarnation of Apple's most recent history.

Elevation Partners' investment will bring $ 325 million into Palm's coffers, giving Anderson's company control of 25% of the capital. In terms of the Elevation agreement, which also includes Bono, the U2 leader, Palm, will pay its shareholders $ 9 a share in exchange for controlling 25% of the company.