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Rent iTunes Movies?

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No stock split and in the future also rented films. These are the two main news items that emerge from the first reports published on the sidelines of the Apple shareholder meeting which ended only a little while ago.

The most important novelty is the, for now only presumed, possibility that iTunes may offer rented films. To advance this hypothesis Gene Munster, one of the analysts present. Rented films would be a significant novelty because up to now in video as in audio Jobs has always claimed that customers want to own a product and not have it for the time they pay a fee or be able to use it for a limited time.

The second news of interest is the lack of willingness on the part of management to implement a "two for one" on the shares. This policy followed in the past to reduce the investor entry price would not currently be considered attractive. "Apple could follow the path followed by Google – Munster says – and let the title continue to rise".

Finally, it is learned from some sites that still mention Munster, At & T will not provide any facilitation to customers of other carriers who intend to buy an iPhone. The fact that At & T does not intend to subsidize the purchase of iPhones appears to be an issue beyond doubt and therefore the information appears to be fully consistent.

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