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Programs, apps and extensions to save passwords

Can you never remember the access password for all the sites and services you use online? Always using the same password for all sites is a very dangerous thing and puts sensitive data at risk.

An information leak on one of those websites is enough to compromise many others (see also: How to check if a password has been stolen). The ideal is to use different and relatively complex passwords for each site that requires it. To avoid remembering all passwords, i help password managers, ie programs and extensions to save passwords easily and securely.

Thanks to online synchronization your passwords will come with you wherever you go and on any device used, so that you have to actually remember one password, the one to access the "safe" of all the other passwords.

Best Password Managers

Among the many programs available to save your passwords, we recommend the most used ones whose security has been proven for some time.


The first service that I recommend you to try LastPass.