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Once, the dating app with one meeting per day

A new dating app that was created to contrast the "supermarket" model approach: you are only offered one profile per day


Once the technological evolution of Marriage agency by Marta Flavi: a dating app that puts the human touch at the center, and does it to guide users towards meeting their soul mate.

"We believe that 95% of what makes up a match is not about tastes about music and culture, those are idiocies "explains Jean Meyer, founder of Once, to Wired. For this Once has inserted the "human touch" in the dynamic of the search of the partner via app. Once a day – once, in fact – a team of Matchmakers offers the user a candidate. The member has 24 hours to contact the proposed person.

Every day, the operation repeats itself, and it also happens that, in what the app calls "a lucky day", it happens that two proposals arrive, instead of one. Unlike other dating apps, in which your profile is open to the public and available for consultation, on Once will only be visible to the person that the matchmaker has proposed.


"I see them my friends who use Tinder, and do nothing but swipe on swipe.With Once you don't seem to be at the supermarket, you don't feel like you choose products from the shelves. And I know that talking about romance with this French accent of mine sounds stereotyped –Meyer jokes– but our logic is really to give back some magic to the customers".

For this the Matchmakers (?that for charity, they can also be wrong"), Try to understand how people can meet on the basis of parameters that go beyond the questionnaires on tastes:"It makes more sense to evaluate whether you are a social type, or not, whether you are sporty or not, what your social background is, what type of city you live in".

Centellar proposals, explains the CEO, serves to give more value to each match, which becomes "a surprise". At least, this is the intent of the French team that created it. Like any vehicle, the famous "critical mass" that counts in the adoption of services must also use it with the same objectives.

Currently Once available in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Switzerland and just arrived in Italy. According to the company's data, it has one million registered users, of which the 60% women and 40% men. In addition, 30% of matches every day become connections, that is, every three days on average every user finds the right person.

"Obviously this is not an app for one night and away, something that has to do with love"Explains the CEO, saying that many already write to thank them and make plans for the wedding.

Matchmakers, who also train before becoming such, seem a bit like the content curators of news aggregators: "We like to call them the Uber of dating, because they guide you, ?says Meyer.

Fibtib or Android Wear owners also have the opportunity to find out which profile upsets the heart: "Every time your heart starts beating there is 70% more chance of it working?Explains Meyer.

The Premium version is paid for with the internal currency, the crown, and adds different functions, which contravene the setting of the free offer of the app. By paying you can: choose your partner by yourself without him / her knowing, send messages to previous partners lost on the street, find out when the first message is read, get the proposal of a partner online in real time at any time.


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