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On eBay iPhone already on sale

On eBay iPhone already on sale logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone is not yet on sale and nobody knows exactly when it will be, but you can already buy one on eBay.

The phone is being auctioned by several users of the popular site offering both models, the 4 Gb and the 8 Gb models. In the blog of C / net which first noticed the curious appearance of the phones, it is noted that some of the auctions were set for the conclusion during the day today on figures significantly higher than the list price of the phone, even 1000 dollars more than price declared by Apple. A model with 24-karat gold houses even goes so far as to cost (at the time of this writing) nearly $ 10,000.

The most curious (and controversial) aspect is the fact that sellers promise delivery within a month, or during WWDC, which seems incompatible with the official dates set by Apple which speaks of "late June".

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