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No reservations for iPhone

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No possibility of pre-ordering, no priority lists. Whoever arrives in the store will buy what he finds and if he finds it. This is the restrictive policy envisaged by At & t for the launch of the iPhone. To launch the indiscretion, which does not seem to be exactly because illustrated by a very explanatory PDF, the now known (for issues related to iPhone and At & t) BoyGenius Report.

The document presents the mandatory guidelines for At & T shop assistants in front of customers and as such of some interest. Among the information that emerges: the strengths of the iPhone and some critical information. Sellers are advised not to provide nor to make any speculation in advance of the phone's release date. Any price infringement beyond what Apple and At & T have already communicated is also prohibited ($ 499 for the 4 Gb model and 599 for the 8 Gb model).

In response to requests for reservations or priority lists, the answer must be negative. Nobody will be able to make down payments or ask to have the phone before others. In practical terms, as mentioned, this means that you can buy your mobile phone only by entering the store and hoping to find one still available.

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