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No more apps: we download less and less

Stores overflow with content, but the number of downloaded apps decreases. In the US, major developers report a 20% drop in downloads


Sooner or later it had to happen: we got tired of the apps. Not about the concept in general, but about downloading new ones. The virtual stores of Apple and Google are overflowing, yet downloads are decreasing. A comScore report in the United States had already anticipated this many months ago, according to which the absolute majority of smartphone users download less than one app per month; now the SensorTower data confirms this, which in May saw the downloads referring to the apps of the 15 major developers collapse by 20% compared to the same period last year.

Things are slightly better on a global level, where growth is still modest (3%) and probably due to the inclusion in the calculation of markets that have not yet reached saturation such as those in development.

It remains important to distinguish between the subjects considered by the research and the app market in general. The downloads from the top publishers in fact refer to platforms whose growth is difficult to predict, because they ripened themselves: with a billion active users, it is difficult for WhatsApp to still grow at a fast pace; same speech for YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, Airbnb and many others in the ranking. In fact, in this debacle of excellent names, the only ones who come out more than dignified are Uber and Snapchat, which continue to grind downloads, but at the same time they are also among the most recent platforms.

In any case, the problem persists: the app market is saturated and we feel the need to try new ones less and less. Developers, big and small, know it, and Apple also knows who, also in the United States, wants to try to give new stimulus to demand by placing advertisements within the App Store. Good luck to all.


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