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My Social, the app that saves you from spoilers

Available for PC and smartphone, My Social allows you to hide the mentions of your favorite series from Twitter

Free, easy to use and immediate. My Social the first app developed to avoid spoilers on Twitter. an idea from Sky (which developed it together with M&C Saatchi) and at the moment it only works with the TV series broadcast on the satellite platform: from Gomorrah to Game of Thrones, from Veep to Scandal, from Blacklist to The Catch.

How does it workYou can easily access it from your browser (on PCo on smartphone) by going to the website. You enter the login details of your Twitter account and you are immediately redirected to the My Social screen. A very brief presentation of four points explains its functionality.

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How much?My Social completely free. Sky has developed it for its viewers, to allow them to follow the social media of its TV series without fear.


How does it save you from spoilers?To the right of the Twitter timeline, a column appears in which all the Sky TV series are listed: by clicking on any of them, mentions and hashtags are blocked. The functionality "pause" (when, that is, you decide to "hide" a TV series from tweets) it can be interrupted at any time, perhaps to follow the comments of other users just as you are watching the episode (although as suggested by My Social it is preferable to wait at least five minutes before being reintroduced to live tweeting: better to see a slightly delayed tweet than to be spoiled by a twist two seconds before it happens, right?).

Among other features, there are also descriptions of the various TV series (accessible from the information icon) and the possibility of deleting a title from the main list (trash can icon).

Recommended?If you don't want to receive bad surprises during the live broadcast of one of your TV series, with My Social you will be able to effectively stem glispoiler. Watch out for: My Social is not the definitive solution. Some TV series, such as Game of Thrones, also receive feeds from abroad and the mention in English changes, although the broadcast times will certainly be different and more difficult to end up in our timeline: it also depends on how many foreign accounts you follow. Obviously the best thing to avoid spoilerrans one and only one: do not access social media.


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