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Motorola announces the anti-iPhone

Motorola announces the anti-iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone coming soon, better run for cover. Concretely. Motorola has therefore wasted no time, and has decided to turn towards an industrial strategy made of internet access and multimedia reproduction. The three descriptive notes 'Widescreen iPod', 'Revolutionary Phone' and 'Breakthrough Internet Device' with which Jobs presents the iPhone can only come to mind. Features that must have convinced Motorola's CEO, Ed Zander, who to a recent conference announced the forthcoming presentation of a new phone, characterized by the just mentioned attributes.

Motorola's new mobile phone will be unveiled next week; will integrate a mobile flash memory (SD card) and will be oriented to surf the Internet. 'The cell phone will have incredible video capabilities, a multimedia monster,' said Zander. However, no details are known on the type of network (GPRS-Edge or 3G) to which it will have access, nor further information on other technical specifications.

According to the CEO of Motorola, such a move will result in a change in Apple's strategy, which will have to worry more about reacting to an attack rather than driving a change in the market. At the same time, says Zander, iPhones will open up new markets and will also favor companies like Motorola who are aiming for multifunction devices and at higher costs than traditional cell phones. Opinion, the one that points to a flywheel effect determined on the smartphone market by the iPhone, which seems to also share Nokia.

Returning to the new Motorola cell phone, it is still little known and therefore still premature to evaluate what the strategic structures of one or the other company could be. We therefore await the official presentation scheduled in a week.

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