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McCartney, soon the Beatles on iTunes

The deal to bring the Beatles to iTunes practically made. To spread optimism about the digital future of the Fab Four not just any site dedicated to indiscretions but Paul McCartney, with Ringo Star one of the two survivors of the band and therefore a very authoritative voice.

McCartney talks about the conclusion of the negotiations in an article published by Billboard, a specialized magazine, which will be on newsstands in the USA next Saturday and of which some excerpts are published online. The details on this are very few, if not null. From what appears on the Internet it is only clear that only a few minor details would be missing and that therefore the launch of the Beatles catalog in digital form could take very little time.

Over the past few weeks the rumor of an agreement between the Beatles and Apple circulated on several occasions, but the latest official source pronouncement on the matter was still vague. Emi's CEO Eric Nicoli had discussed it during the press conference during which his label, which publishes the Beatles' music, had presented an initiative for music without Drm. On that occasion, in the presence of Jobs, Nicoli had been forced to admit that he still does not have a precise idea of ??when the songs of the Liverpool band would arrive in digital form. A few days later, for Neil Aspinall, the powerful and hitherto undisputed executive director of Apple Corp., the reality that takes care of the rights and image of the Beatles, he resigned, a move that according to different sources was the signal that time the group's online debut had now come. Aspinall, who had led the long battle against Apple Computer over the well-known story of the name, was considered the fiercest opponent of the idea of ??converting the Beatles' music into digital form and selling it online.

The strongest signal that the time has also come for the four boys from Liverpool to land on the Internet comes from McCartney himself who in the Billboard interview declares that his latest album 'Memory almost full' will be available in digital form on iTunes. From June 5, it will appear in the section dedicated to the Starbucks label 'New Hear', present in Apple's digital music store. McCartney's songs, like the Beatles' songs, not even solo ones, are published on iTunes. The voices of the ex-Beatles member only appear in duets with other singers, such as the one with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. McCartney could also be heard in the section dedicated to the great Live 8 concert, of which iTunes had published the digital version. Here, ironically, McCartney sang ?Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band "and" The Long and Winding Road ", just two Beatles songs.

According to some sites, McCartney's new album will soon be followed by the publication of all the other solo works by the singer.