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Mathpix and other apps to pass homework and high school exams

From mathematics to ancient Greek through art history, there are few subjects that cloud computing and smartphones cannot help

Students of maths, rejoice: from the world of newly developed iOS developers Mathpix, an app capable of solve equations and simply draw their graphs after seeing them written by hand. The app photographs the sheet, recognizes the equation through a handwriting recognition algorithm and gradually solves it in several steps until the final result; the only requirements for use are one Internet connection to reach the app servers and one decent calligraphy because the marks on the sheet can be recognized. The app is quite unique in its kind and marks once again the appearance of a new era, in which the machine does what it is trained for and the human brain can devote itself to other activities: wonderful or terrible times? It depends on your point of view, especially at school.

In the meantime and in doubt, more and more professors seize electronic equipment of all kinds before classwork and exams. IS they're right: apps that can give a magical boost to school and academic results are no longer counted, and there is no subject (not only among the scientific ones) that cannot benefit from help from the cloud or from the computational capacity of a palm computer. A few examples (not exhaustive)?


(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

The forbidden dream of any listless student born before the 2000s: an automatic translator for exercises and entire versions. Google created it and is part of its Translate platform, to reach which you need an Internet connection. Not perfect, indeed, it tends very often to return ridiculous results; used over short periods and with the intelligence to control what is transcribed for it has its evil utility.


(Photo: Giovanbattista Pia)(Photo: Giovanbattista Pia)

To the ancient Greek Google Translate still not arrived, but where the house of Mountain View cincischia have remedied several independent developers with dictionaries, grammars and other solutions. They will not be the best, but when the use of banned vocabulary these tools become precious. The Apple smartphone has the best app, but also Android defends itself, with a compendium of paradigms and (provided you know English) a good vocabulary.


(Photo: SMH17)(Photo: SMH17)

The holy grail of automated complex equation solution something that smartphone app developers have been looking for for some time. Before Mathpix there have been numerous attempts to achieve something like this, and some have been successful. One of these Math Professional, a Swiss Army knife to keep in your pocket for all subjects that involve numbers.

Art history

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

Recognizing a painting with a pictorial style, represented figures and context an exercise that can damage the soul of the less prepared but which for Google machine learning embarrassingly simple. Provided you have an active Internet connection, the Google Goggles app allows you to put the power of Mountain View algorithms to serve this unethical purpose.


(Photo: MuseMaze)(Photo: MuseMaze)

Anyone struggling with this matter has one available interactive bible for understanding and simulating circuits. An app available for Android and iOS that is actually worth installing especially as a support for studying, but also in general for anyone who is minimally intrigued by this world. Unfortunately, the full version has an above average cost.


(Photo: Mobixee Ltd)(Photo: Mobixee Ltd)

There is no app that can automatically unravel the skeins proposed by the professor on duty, but for a subject like this, however, it makes a compendium with easily identifiable topics via search bar. The iOS version also available on Apple Watch and helps to give Apple's wearable the reputation of being a stealth copying tool.


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