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Japan Display in negotiation with Apple and Sharp for the sale of the Hakusan plant

Japan Display (JDI) in negotiation with Apple and Sharp for the sale of the Hakusan plant, a Japanese city in the prefecture of Ishikawa.

To report it on Nihon Keizai Shinbun, newspaper better known as Nikkei, according to which JDI is reorganizing its activities and from July it would have suspended production of displays in the factory due to poor sales.

The company in the Rising Sun hopes that the sale of the plant will become a contribution to its transformation efforts. Apple and Sharp are still considering how to share their holdings in the facility: in a statement, JDI said the company is considering a wide range of options regarding the Hakusan facility.

On December 12, ongoing negotiations were reported with a potential buyer – probably Apple – of the equipment at the Hakusan facility for approximately $ 200 million. Now there is talk of ongoing talks for the sale of the entire structure, including land and buildings.

Japan Display

Unspecified sources of the Japanese newspaper report negotiations with Apple for the sale of the factory for an amount between 80 and 90 billion yen (between 730 and 820 million dollars).

JDI has been hit hard by the competition regarding the production of liquid crystal displays. Sharp's production grew due to Apple's strong demand for iPhones.

JDI's Hakusan facility was activated in late 2016, primarily to produce LCD panels for iPhones; production collapsed after Apple began using OLED primarily for its new generation devices. The structure in question is one of the largest in JDI. Apple paid in advance almost half of the amount necessary to finance the birth of the structure, which cost 170 million yen.