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It is no longer possible to sign up for Messenger without Facebook

Are you no longer able to register for Messenger without having a Facebook account? Everything is normal. This function, available since 2015, has recently been deliberately disabled, as confirmed also by the support page where the question Can I register for Messenger if I don't have a Facebook account? the company replies: No, you will have to create a Facebook account to use Messenger.

If on one hand it may seem a limitation in the use of the service, which leads among other things to a consequent constraint in subscribing to the social network, on the other hand according to the company The vast majority of people who use Messenger already access the platform via Facebook so it would only be one simplification of this process.

It should be noted that this change only affects new users who from now on try to access Messenger without a Facebook account: those who already use the app without an account do not have to do anything.

It is no longer possible to sign up for Messenger without Facebook

Although it seems to us that several users complain about difficulties in logging in following this transition, with a message informing them that their account had been limited.

It is not clear whether this change will facilitate interoperability between the company's various messaging services, allowing users to easily exchange messages with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp contacts from a single application.

Recall that among the recent news there is the desire to allow users to chat on mobile without necessarily having to download the Messenger app.