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IPod transmitters on AppleStore

Car FM transmitters for iPod finally land on AppleStore. With today's update on Apple's online sales site, these comfortable and best-selling iPod accessories appeared which until yesterday were not available on the Italian online store.

The reason why Apple did not offer transmitters in Italy while proposing them in practically all the countries of Europe (and the world) in the controversial Italian legislation that still today has not regulated, despite a European provision on the subject, this category of low power. As a consequence of the provisions of Brussels, in Italy it is possible to buy but not to use an Fm transmitter, this at least until, compulsorily, Italy too must follow EU regulations. In practice, we are experiencing the same situation that occurred a few years ago with cordless telephones which were forbidden to use but not to buy or sell.

The reason why transmitters were prohibited on European territory was that the use of these frequencies was licensed. The Union has decided, also thanks to a lobbying operation by producers, including Belkin in the front row, to eliminate this anachronistic obstacle by inviting all countries to adapt; the first consequence was the liberalization of sales throughout the EU, the second the legislation on many countries so that the transmitters are now perfectly legal in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Germany. Italy is one of the few countries where a rule is still missing and therefore, at least formally, the illegal use and as such subjected to sanctions.

In any case, on AppleStore there are practically all quellid and the best producers: Monster, Belkin, Kensington and Griffin. Prices range from 49.95 to 89.95 euros.