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iPod, Microsoft fixes crucial bug in Windows Vista

Microsoft fixes the bug that in Windows Vista could potentially result in the loss of all iPod music.

The update, which represents the "missing piece" for the compatibility between the new operating system and Apple's digital music ecosystem, is distributed through the automatic update system and requires the latest version of iTunes. Download via web available href = ?> starting from here

As mentioned, the update addresses a serious problem (described here) in Windows Vista whose users may find themselves without songs in their iPod if they use the safe removal function of the hardware or the expulsion from resources explorer to disconnect the player .

According to several sites, the bug was among those that more than others held back the rapid adoption of Windows Vista by American users; a belief that at first glance appears a little oversized, but that may not be too far from reality if you think of the spread of iPods on the American market and the seriousness of the potential consequences.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Microsoft put its technicians to work to deal with the problem and not simply left its correction to the good will de partner as, probably, it would have done in the face of a similar bug of a product that had not been iPod.