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iPod as a food and wine guide … Italian!

Speaking of the food and wine guide made in North America, we launched a provocation to the Italian public, inviting Macity readers to create one for our country. No sooner said than done: in a few days someone got to work and completed the business. This is the Booking restaurant portal, managed by the Webintro group, based in the province of Bergamo. The company's aim is to create a portal that helps Internet surfers to find their way around the search for the restaurants of the Bel Paese, combining additional information on wines, dishes, events, curiosities and even job searches on the subject.

The portal service will be extended, via Java technology, also to mobile phones, promoting on-the-go functionality, especially thinking of what would like to be the main function offered by BookingRistorante: through an innovative technology it will in fact be possible to book directly on the premises via web or mobile. The site features have been tested with a MacBook Pro, to ensure full compatibility even with Safari.

Well, after our article, Webintro has decided to make a version for all iPod owners. It is iPodRisto, a text guide for the Apple player.

Baster download it and unpack it in the "notes" folder of the iPod and you will have at hand the information of all the places loaded in the database, including information on times, credit cards accepted, price range, plus the comments of users registered to the community.

Booking a restaurant for a young and growing site; for this reason the available database is not yet abundantly populated. The intention of the managers therefore to update and expand all the information every 2-3 days, transferring the information also to iPodRisto.

Unfortunately, the absence of online connection on the Apple reader prevents the use of the booking functions, but who knows that in the future with the still hypothetical opening of the iPhone platform, even Webintro cannot find a way to overcome this limit.