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IPhone Accessories: iPod has already paved the way

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone about 6 months ago, one of the epithets that identified the cell phone was "widescreen iPod". The press focused on the word 'widescreen', almost forgetting 'iPod' and the characteristics associated with it.

Term that encompasses not only all the features inherent in the Apple mp3 player, but also what surrounds it. We are talking about an ecosystem that in recent years has been created around the video player; an ecosystem made of accessories, interfaces, cables, adapters and whoever has more.

This is another of the advantages that iPhone can take advantage of: many gadgets compatible with Apple's mobile are already out. Car adapters, FM transmitters, reducers for audio connections, portable chargers; are just a few examples of articles that will support the debut of the expected device.

An even more concrete example is given by Belkin, who has already prepared a special page (also on the Italian website) dedicated to the iPhone, which collects all the accessories that could be combined with the mobile phone. And there are certainly not a few: among them the adapter for the headphone jack at 10.95 Dollars which allows the use of any device equipped with standard minijack, but the list is still long.

  • TuneCast II – Portable FM transmitter
  • Portable Cassette Adapter
  • TuneTie
  • Splitter for speaker and headphones
  • Headphone and speaker splitter
  • 1.8m Mini-Stereo Extension Cable
  • 1.8m Mini-Stereo Audio Cable
  • 2m audio Y cable
  • Cable kit for portable audio players
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Car kit for iPod with dock connector
  • Power Cable with Dock Connector

Without a doubt, a big advantage for a new product that enters the market with its back covered, thanks to the indirect "sowing" by the iPod. Steve Jobs' idea of ??keeping the same iPod interfaces on the iPhone is strategically perfect.

For those who want more details on Belkin products, we recommend visiting the appropriate section dedicated to iPhone.