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iPhone, a mallet for the world of mobile phones

The iPhone could hit the business of the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers like a mallet causing a real revolution. This is what reveals a survey carried out by the ChangeWave Alliance on the purchase intentions of a sample of American consumers who are part of the panel used to detect market trends

According to the investigation that is carried out on almost 4000 individuals of the standard sample of 10 thousand, those who today own a Motorola, Nokia or LG mobile phone, could switch to the iPhone, completely changing the market scenario. The purchase intentions of Motorola phones drop from 33% to 17%, those of Nokia from 11 to 9%. According to Tobin Smith, this would be the iPhone effect, as certified also by the iPhone purchase intentions.

The sample, when questioned, revealed that a high percentage (9%) wanted to buy the phone for personal use; 7% would give it to someone else. If the price of the 4 GB model settles between $ 200 and $ 299 the percentage of those who would buy the phone, according to the sample, would rise by 10% if it were to reach $ 199 as much as 53% would buy it. Only a percentage varying between 37 and 43% declares that they are not interested in any way on the phone.

The impact of the iPhone threatens to be colossal even among carriers. Thanks to the Cingular phone positioned to beat Verizon, which is currently the number one supplier of access to the sample.

?Ultimately – writes Paul Carton – for Apple the problem will not be to achieve the sales expected for the first year. Our investigation shows that the target is quietly within reach. The real problem for Apple to keep up with demand, including the fact that there may not be enough components, keeping promises on product quality. Competitors would therefore do better to hope that Apple will end up "beating in the head" in these respects, because if they manage to hit the targets the rest of the sector could be hit by a real earthquake "