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iOS 12 problems: how to fix the main bugs

Apple has recently released iOS 12 for its mobile devices. The new operating system presents several interesting news, but despite the various tests in beta, it also contains some annoying bugs. If you have updated your Apple device and you have encountered some problems with iOS 12, don't worry, you can solve them by continuing to read this guide. We thought, in fact, to collect below the most common bugs of the new Apple operating system, proposing possible solutions.

Not even Apple foolproof and releases updates not adequately verified and when you least expect it, your iPhone of a thousand euros finds itself with unexpected bugs that compromise the functionality of the device. That's right, because if when you need it most, the wifi or bluetooth does not work, or the app that you need at that moment, does not open, you regret having spent a lot on something that causes you problems. However do not despair, because we will see how to solve the major problems arising with the update to iOS 12.

iOS 12 problems: how to solve them

iOS 12 problems how to solve them

Whenever Apple releases an update of its operating system, we immediately run to update our devices attracted by the desire to want to try the new functions. Unfortunately, however, the first versions are also those that still have system bugs, despite the numerous beta versions. So we decided to report the most common iOS 12 bugs in this guide, proposing the respective – possible – solutions.

iOS 12 problems unable to update

The first bug may occur even before installing the Apple update. In fact, some users have not been able to update their iPhone to iOS 12 because they stop on the screen I prepare the update. Most likely, something went wrong while downloading the update file. If you have also encountered this problem, you can solve it by deleting the corrupt update file. To do so, go toSettings -> General -> iPhone free space,search for the update file andeliminate. After that, download the iOS 12 update again by going toSettings -> General -> Software Update. In this way you will have to hope to find an uncorrupted file and proceed with the update without difficulty.

iOS 12 issues – Wi-Fi isn't working

If by updating to iOS 12 you have encountered problems with Wi-Fi because it cannot connect to the network, you can proceed in this simple way. Go toSettings -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings and write the requested password again. After that, follow the instructions of your smartphone and the Wi-Fi should return to work.

iOS 12 issues – Bluetooth isn't working

If, however, after the update to iOS 12, the Bluetooth that does not work as before and you notice that your iPhone cannot detect the other devices or cannot have a stable connection, you can solve the problem with one of these two solutions.

The old methoddeactivate and reactivate could easily solve the problem. Go toSettings -> Bluetooth and click the on or off button.If this method does not work, you will need to proceed with the reset network settings going inSettings -> General -> Reset.

iOS 12 problems – battery drains quickly

Despite the new more optimized version and it should save energy, you have found that the device discharges much faster than before. In theory, as soon as a new system update has been carried out, the battery is put to the test due to the various background processes that are launched to "settle" the new operating system. After 24 or 48 hours consumption should return to normal. Apple has made great strides in terms of battery consumption, optimizing processes and perfecting its software in the best way.However, given that no miracles have been performed, it is always necessary to pay attention to some precautions to increase battery life. You can keep an eye onSettings -> Battery consumption by applications and evaluate which ones to use least.

iOS 12 problems – apps don't work

Some applications likeGoogle Maps is Waze in CarPlay they don't seem to work on iOS 12. The reason that on the Apple Store the update has not yet been released for the aforementioned apps, so if you encounter this problem in updating your car's CarPlay with these and other applications, at the moment there is no other solution other than that ofwait for the release of the new version.

These are the problems we have encountered, there will probably be others. If in daily use of your iPhone you have encountered some other bugs, you can report it through the comments so we check the possibility of solving it together.

The iOS 12 version has brought some interesting news together with the new version of MacOS. These include the Continuity Camera function, a new function of macOS Mojave is iOS 12 which allows you to open the camera of the iOS device from the Mac, then the immediate transfer of the photo that is taken and inserted into a document on the Mac on which you are working. To find out more, I recommend reading this guide.