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iMessage could arrive on Android

According to rumors, the messaging service of the Cupertino house will be available to Android users within the year

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

The latest rumor that adds to the jumble of those already collected relating to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is also the most controversial: iMessage, the popular messaging service so far the exclusive preserve of iOS users, could land on Android. This was reported by the MacDailyNews website, according to which the news could be announced during the event which will start to become reality in the coming months, however within the year.

The move would fit into a larger general picture in which Apple has been trying to for some time now make its services accessible even to the widest audience of Android users. difficult to think that iMessage can still exert a great charm on the owners of smartphones with Google operating system: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other instant messaging services have had plenty of time to become real cross-platform giants while iMessage remained confined to the iPhone benefiting only its owners. Other rumors regarding the platform for the would like to the center of a system for moving money based on Apple Pay: if this were the case, the expansion of iMessage towards the shores of Android could have other meanings.


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