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How to create a free logo online

In this tutorial, we will show you a free tool with which you can create logos for free online in a very short time. The usefulness of this type of tools lies precisely in overcoming the problems deriving from the design of a logo, an operation that is not easy and within everyone's reach, as the right colors, fonts, models and images must be combined to obtain a final result. satisfactory.

A professional and well-designed logo allows anyone who uses it to identify themselves in a more incisive and impactful way, giving added value to what it represents. Whenever we observe a logo of a famous brand, not surprisingly, we immediately think of the company that owns it. This makes you understand how creating a logo is a delicate and important process.

Thanks to the service we are about to present to you, even the less experienced or with poor graphic skills, will have a simple tool to create a visual, powerful and compelling representation of their brand, thanks to an easy-to-use and well-designed interface.

How to design a free online logo

For create a logo customized we will rely on Designevo, a free website for the creation of logos with over 10,000 professional level models available, cataloged in different categories. Here are the simple steps to follow to design a free online logo:

  1. Go up and click on ?Make a free logo". I designated homepage make a free logo
  2. In the screen that appears, you will find many categories of on the left side models to choose from (for example Technology & Communication in our case) or if you want to start from scratch just click, on the top right, on "Start from Scratch". We choose a logo template and continue. You will be asked if you want to enter the logo name and one slogan, or simply go to the actual design phase by clicking on ?skip".professional logo templates designevo
  3. This will be your canvas, where you can edit the chosen logo template or draw it from scratch. The options on the left Icons, Text, Form is Background (Icon, Text, Shape, Bkground) allow you to add different elements to the logo. From here on you can make various combinations to get the perfect design for your project.edit logo online
  4. If we want change the icon preset in the model chosen by us, with one of greater satisfaction, click on the item ?Icon"And in the search field we type the category of icons we want to search, for example"drone". Among the many icons that will appear, we choose the one we like best and drag it onto our work surface. We can rotate it, with the small circular cursor located above the icon or drag one of the edges to enlarge and shorten it according to your needs. You can also add color to the icon from the color panel on the right side of the search bar. Click on it and a variety of different color options will appear to choose from. We can reflect it and also change the opacity of merging the image with the background.edit logo
  5. From the other items you find under "Icon" We can add additional text, "Shape" forms of various kinds (like the stars inserted in our example) e change the background "BKground".insert shapes in the designevo logo
  6. When you are done making changes, click on the "Download"In the upper right corner of the screen. You can download the logo for free in low resolution by clicking on the page that opens on the item ?Download a low-resolution free logo?Or in high resolution for a fee by choosing one of the available logo designevo

The variety of models present and the interface of DesignEvo are the real strength of this service to create a free logo online, in a simple way, in a few minutes, thus avoiding the obligation to turn to a professional figure. Once created, these logos can easily be used for business cards, letterheads, websites and many other uses.