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Here is the DJI drone that cannot fly

When we talk about DJI drones, of course, we immediately think of drones for flight. The company's patent appeared on the net in the past few hours, however, would show the first drone made by the company unable to fly. Here it is in the first images.

The patent was discovered by the "Machine Power" user on Weibo, as well as by others. The document shows an "all-in-one" vehicle of a terrestrial nature, with a robust appearance and an elaborate gimbal that holds a stabilized video camera. It could be a way for DJI to compete with Tero's Freefly camera platform.

Here is the DJI drone that cannot fly

Unlike Freefly, the DJI vehicle appears to include its own camera and stabilizer, just like the Mavic and other Chinese brand drones. At the same time the gimbal seems to have a lot of running, which would allow it to run smoothly on even rough terrain. This would undoubtedly make it simple to use and relatively light, while Freefly peripherals, on the contrary, present themselves as a huge vehicle that can support a heavy RED camera with stabilizer.

These photo platforms can capture really interesting images at ground level, which of course a drone cannot do; It therefore makes sense that DJI develops a similar drone, which in the hands of a videomaker could, together with the drones, allow you to record from any angle and point of view.

Obviously, since it is only a patent, as the Engadget editorial team also points out, it is not said that the machine takes shape in large-scale distribution. As far as the idea can attract and be plausible, there is no guarantee that DJI will decide to produce this drone.

The company's present, however, still focused on aerial drones. Not for nothing, last but not least, DJI presented the Mavic Mini, a 249 gram drone that nothing is missing.