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Happn, the dating app with real life inside

Interview with the CEO of one of the most curious (and successful) applications of recent times

Didier Rappaport, CEO of Happn

We recreate real life within the virtual world of dating. Thus, Didier Rappaport, the CEO of Happn, a dating app unlike any other. It allows you to send crush to the people we met on the street, on the premises, on public transport. Just leave the app active on the phone to be geolocated and allow others to find us. Traditional sites are virtual, you have to waste time, ask many questions, they are coldand they do all this because they promise youyou hate find a soul mate through a cold algorithm. Hence the demand that in 2013 gave rise to Happn and made it grow to 17 million current users, 700 thousand in Italy: Why should you go online to meet someone when you meet so many people live every day?.

Of course, not all has been roses and flowers. Geolocation rhymes with privacy, a topic with which, Rappaport confesses, they have met since the first day of Happn. Actually not a problem, says the CEO: Geolocation is never accurate by the meter, often wanders especially per those who do not use Wi-Fi and obviously those who stay away from home do not use it. However the CEO is keen to specify that happn respect all French rules regarding privacy that are among the most restrictive in the world. That is to say, I'm in an iron barrel.

Going further in our chat, we asked Rappaport some curious cases related to Happn. Every day some of our users tell us about onesays the CEO beaming. Our CTO, for example, has metato his girlfriend on Happn and recently born the first Happn baby. Refers to the son of the company's acquisition team leader, recently had with a girl obviously known through the app.

Out of indiscretion, the app in constant evolution. On the wave of traditional chats Happn added the ability to send voice messages towards the crusher, one-minute audio clips that will help us break through the strangers we met on the street. Then there is See You There. Real-life people don't chat, but they see each other at work, when they play sports or when they go out for the evening, says Rappaport presenting this feature that allows Happners to propose your own in real time desire to do something in the company, anything like going out for a bite to eat, going for a run or watching a movie. Once activated the option at the bottom of the home screen, you have to choose one of the available activities and wait. In fact, this will be immediately visible to other users who will then see who is available for a particular activity and will be able to seize the opportunity and meet. And so from the virtual we return to the real.


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