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Galaxy S20, that's why it will be called the successor of S10

The successor of the Galaxy S10, due to arrive next year, should not be called Galaxy S1, but that of Galaxy S20. The reason may be simpler than expected. Here is the movement of why Samsung would have decided to jump from S10 to S20.

The rumors come from a tweet from Ice Universe, which in the past few hours has tweeted the message that the company will jump S11 for its next flagship.

Galaxy S20 would simply take the name of the year of release: 2020. In the absence of more concrete evidence, at the moment, we will have to settle for the Tweet, without digging too deeply into what the reference to the "new beginning" might mean .

In fact, the idea that Samsung wants to align the name of the smartphone with that of the year of release seems likely, so as to facilitate casual consumers the choice of which smartphone to buy if they point to the top of the range. In addition, skipping S11 would mean that the S-series would once again have an advantage over the Apple iPhone, at least in terms of model numbers. It is also worth noting that Samsung would not be the first manufacturer to make a similar choice, considering that Huawei already skipped the P11 series when it announced the P20 in 2018. Similarly, Samsung itself skipped the Note 6 when it wanted to. align its two flagship series, S and Note.

Galaxy S20, that's why it will be called the successor of S10

As usual, it's best to be skeptical about this type of rumor, even if Ice has a good positive record when it comes to pre-release clues. There is also to say, however, that the same, Ice has referred to the trio of upcoming Samsung smartphones of 2020 talking about S11e, S11 and S11 +. Ice also tweeted something about Samsung's next foldable phone this week, sharing a new image of the device and confirming the rumor that it will present a less creased glass cover.