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Disney Ok in Internet video (also thanks to iTunes)

Disney Ok in the video on the Internet (also thanks to iTunes) logomacitynet1200wide 1

Disney is going strong in digital video and Apple is helping her. This is what can be deduced from the report to the financial statements of the Burbank company from which important results emerge in the sale of TV series but also of online films. Disney has sold 23.7 million TV shows and movies via iTunes and two million real movies.

The data relating to films are slightly slowing compared to the previous quarterly statement (700 thousand against 800 thousand), but the result remains equally remarkable. The previous 90 days had been marked by a large amount of iPods sold and many Americans who had come into possession of a player had certainly 'tried' to buy a movie too. During the autumn quarter, the first of the feature films available online, Disney had sold 500,000 films through iTunes.

The popularity of the Internet as a medium for digital video also certified by the 92 million sponsored TV series seen on and by the 91 million seen on Disney Channel online

Recall that Disney, the company of which Steve Jobs the main private investor as well as the board of directors, was the first film company to bring his films to iTunes and also the only one to release practically all his new productions practically simultaneously on DVD and in iTunes.

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