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Best sites to find movie reviews for movie releases

Do you want to go to a movie at the cinema but would like to know the opinion of other users before going to buy the ticket? You can rely on online movie review sites to find out if the movie coming out in the cinema (but also on TV or on DVD / Blu-ray) deserves to be seen or not.Reviews submitted by other users and experienced film critics who have already seen the film they can help you decide whether or not to watch the movieIn the guide you will find the websites of the various movie review sites and the respective Apps, so you can see the review of the movie that interests you also on the move.

Best online movie review sites

Let's see which are the best Italian and foreign sites where you can find the review of films coming out in the cinema, on TV and on DVD / Bluray.

Coming Soon

An Italian site where you can find numerous reviews and previews of movies and Coming Soon cinema news.

Comingsoon reviews news cinema film

You will find the Box Office on the first page, to see the most viewed and grossed films in Italy and the USA. You can also read the review of the films released by the cinema by the film critics (just open the film profile and click on the tab ReviewAlso find the votes of users compared to the vote of Coming Soon directly in the film profile.

Coming Soon ratings

The Coming Soon app downloadable for free for Android and iOS from the following links.

Another all-Italian site that you can use to find film reviews at the cinema

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<p> For all the films on the site (even just released in the cinema) an indicator is available to quickly distinguish the films to see from those to be avoided. The indicator represents an average between the votes expressed by the site's experts, the votes of film critics and the votes of the public, so as to show. Sections are available for each film <strong>criticism</strong> is <strong>Public</strong>, to carefully evaluate the films that deserve to be seen in the cinema.</p>
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In addition to the site, you can use the MYmovies app, which can be downloaded for free for Android devices and for iOS devices.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

The largest international website to find the review of any film released on the market is certainly the Internet Movie Database, indicated by the acronym IMDb by most users.

IMDb movie review database

By clicking on one of the films available in the huge database (you can help yourself with the search bar at the top) you can find user reviews and reviews by international film critics. You can find the film review in the form User Reviews or by clicking on the star-shaped symbol next to the title.

IMDb film ratings

Unfortunately the site is not translated into Italian, even if it correctly shows the titles of the films as available in Italy (the reviews will be in English). You can download the IMDb app for free for Android devices and for iOS devices.


Another international site where you can find reviews of Metacritic movies online.

Movie Metacritic review

In addition to movies, this site also reviews other content such as games (PS4, Switch, PC, etc.), music and TV, one of the most reliable to be able to check the reviews released by users on a movie that has just been released in the cinema or any other movie. .Simply view the movie poster to find out immediately the average score assigned by users and film critics. With a score above 60 Metapunti the discreet film, above 70 good and over 80 excellent (to see). You can find out all the details and reviews on the films by clicking on a poster to see the average rating and the average of the points assigned by the page.

Metacritic ratings

The site in English as well as the reviews, but simple enough to interpret. The site currently has no apps to use, but you can always open the site from your smartphone browser.

Rotten Tomatoes

Finally, I point out Rotten Tomatoes. one of the most ?critical? and accurate international sites in film reviews, thanks to the skilful mix between professional critics and common user evaluations.

movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

Movies and TV series are rated with symbols. The tomato symbol indicates films with good marks; a green spot indicates poor films or with few favorable votes. In this way you can immediately see if the film deserves, just see which symbol is present next to the name of the film. Some films have such a high percentage of positive votes from critics and audiences that they deserve a separate badge, a tomato surrounded by a sort of certification.

Rotten tomatoes

The site only in English, but so simple to use that you can immediately understand if the film is worth seeing or not. You can download the Flixster app, which is authorized to use Rotten Tomatoes votes for movies. The Flixster app available for Android and iOS devices.