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AT&T cancels employee holidays for iPhone launch

AT&T cancels employee holidays for iPhone launch logomacitynet1200wide 1

AT&T is preparing for a huge assault on customers at its American stores following the launch of the iPhone. To clearly dictate this belief, a service note sent to the managers of their stores in which they are invited not to grant or take holidays from 15 June to 15 July.

"For those days – reads the memo – we expect the most intense sales period of the last few years". Some sites, such as Boy Genius who had a preview of the document, deduce from what the launch of the phone should arrive on June 15th, but in reality we can also think that the date has been set in anticipation of the assault on the shops of the customers who will have had the push from WWDC where the mobile phone and its ecosystem should be one of the protagonists. It is also possible that June 15 is the date set by Apple and At & T to collect sales reservations and that the phone may arrive a few days later. Previous information reported that the training courses for call center employees destined to support mobile phones will end on April 20.

In any case, what is certain that within the period of time from 15 June to 15 July the phone will be the great protagonist of the market and therefore must necessarily be ready for sale, which means further confirmation of the information released by Apple according to which the phone will go on sale in late June.

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