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Apple Watch and AirPods increasingly crucial for revenue growth

Smartphones Apple Watch he AirPods earphones will leave a not insignificant mark on the next quarterly financial statements (first fiscal quarter 2020, relating to the months of October, November and December 2019). This is the evaluation of Jim Suva, Citi analyst: le sales recorded by wearables during the holiday season will contribute to increase the market prices of the house of Cupertino, which over the next year could reach and exceed the target of $ 300 per share.

The analyst points out how all sold out AirPods Pro earphones near Christmas it was determined not by production problems, but by a very high demand that the company was unable to adequately meet, despite the increase in production. Positive notes also for the Apple Watch Series 3 requests which is the cheapest way to try an Apple smartwatch – it is currently marketed at a price that starts at 239 euros (model with 38mm case).