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Apple in 2020 an (expensive) Mac for gamers | Rumor

Among the devices that Apple could launch on the market over the next year is a Mac intended for gamers and for use within the e-Sports. The news must be considered for the moment as a rumor awaiting confirmation, bounced off the net by the Chinese site Economic Daily News. The product in question would be placed in the segment of high end, considering that the price referred to is equal to $ 5,000.

The hypothesis outlined by the source, however, is still devoid of many decisive details, first of all that of the type of product: no one knows, in the first place, if it will be an iMac or a MacBook. L'official announcement could take place during the2020 edition of the WWDC, which is usually held in June. The information provided in the past by the Source on the events of the Cupertino house has sometimes been accurate and other patently incorrect, therefore it is not possible to establish with certainty the merits of what is reported.

It is however possible to do some considerations: on the one hand there is the finding that, so far, Macs have managed to establish themselves in many sectors, but never in the gaming sector. It would not be enough just to launch a new hardware platform, but it would be necessary to receive adequate support from developers who prefer to invest in the development of PC titles.

Some numbers taken from the latest hardware / software survey * Steam (one of the most popular and used platforms for the distribution of digital games) is useful for assessing the situation: over 96% use a Windows PC, just under 3% a Mac. More than half of Mac users use a MacBook Pro to play, just over 18% use an iMac. They are then to be considered i relations between Apple, AMD and Nvidia. The Cupertino house has solid commercial relationships with AMD, while for years it has cut bridges with Nvidia, yet the latter's video cards are the most used by Steam users (74.55% for Nvidia and 15.48% for AMD ).

Then there are the considerations on the type of gaming product: a demanding gamer is accustomed to encountering as few restrictions as possible in the management of the hardware – even just to replace essential components, starting from the video card. A iMac may have more constraints than a traditional desktop PC. For its part, Apple could play the card of its ability to optimally optimize hardware and software, from which video games could also benefit.

In short, the task of carving out a space in the gaming sector would not be entirely impossible, but would require investments not only for hardware production, but also in the developer ecosystem. So why not catalog the news reported at the beginning as a simple unreliable rumor? The reason lies primarily in the commercial strategy implemented Over the past year: Tim Cook's company has shown that it wants to take new paths, has activated the Apple Arcade service, which, while addressing the audience of '' casual '' gamers, testifies that investing in gaming is not of secondary importance for Apple, and made its debut in the crowded market of streaming services with Apple TV + , without reverential fears towards giants like Netflix.

And if therefore the Mac being discussed was the piece of a more articulated project to relaunch the gaming service beyond the borders of Apple Arcade? With a Apple open to new challenges nothing can be excluded a priori.