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Apple funds for Australia's fire emergency

Apple funds for Australia's fire emergency Apple funds for Australia's fire emergency

For days there has been an emergency bonfires in Australia: flames have cleared 5 million hectares of forests, 3.4 of which in the area of ??New South Wales alone, the habitat of the animal symbol of Australia: the koala. It is estimated that 30% of Australian koalas have been exterminated by the flames, but damage is counted in various areas of the country (with dead and destroyed houses), caused by a combination of factors, including the extremely high temperatures of these days, the low humidity levels and strong winds.

Apple has decided to donate funds for the fire emergency in Australia. The news is learned from a tweet by Tim Cook who reports: "Our hearts are with the people affected by the fires in Australia and with the courageous volunteers who fight the previous seanza fires that broke out across the country". ?Stay safe. Apple will make donations to support relief efforts. "

Not the first time that Apple has activated such initiatives and in the past this possibility has been activated in the context of various events. happened, for example, after the accidents in Charlottesville, for the disaster of Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, in support of the populations affected by the earthquake in Japan and Ecuador, to help the populations affected by the earthquake in Central Italy in 2016 and many other times still. There was no lack of Apple's own initiatives with substantial donations on the occasion of various tragedies but also in support of national parks or in support of initiatives such as World AIDS Day.

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