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Allo and Duo, Google's apps for chat and video calls

The Big G responds to Messenger by launching the Allo app, which has a number of its integrated services. For video calls instead, it offers Duo

The Duo app (Photo: Google)

Google offers two new apps: one for messages, the other for video calls. At the name of the first, a chat app that is based on your phone number, remember anything? and provides the user with stickers, and special effects, from the ink with which to write on the photos to the graphic effects for the words "screamed".

Like Google Inbox, Allo offers a Smart Reply system: by exploiting artificial intelligence, it studies the previous conversations for structure responses in line with your style writing. The mechanism also works with photos, recommending words related to what the system "sees" in the images (eg. If the user receives a photo of a cake, he may suggest "I love cakes!").

And since the integration between apps seems to be a cue for Google, see Touch to translate, Allo contains The Big G's Assistant who drags with Search, Maps, YouTube and Translate, in fact.

Instead, the app with which Google offers its video call service. The app designed to adjust to the level of bandwidth quality it can count on, so according to Google, situations of poor connection performance are not to be feared.

The funniest feature of Duo, which also counts on end-to-end encryption, "Knock Knock", which would be "toc toc": in the incoming call screen the recipient will see the video preview, so you have an idea on the reason for the video call that is receiving.Allo and Duo will be available from the summer for both iOS and Android.


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