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Video on iTunes, dead end?

Online film and TV sales services according to Forrester Research are set to die in no time. The opinion of the research firm and analysts that seems to preclude any possibility of commercial success for stores like iTunes, was published in a study on the subject.

According to James McQuivey, who wrote the research, various factors, some of a technical nature, the confusion of formats, others that could be defined as 'logistical', such as the difficulty see the movies downloaded on home TV. Another powerful deterrent that will strapper customers to iTunes and all the various online stores will be the availability of free content, a system around which an important movement is being born, guided also by important realities such as the major American networks. "Free services will win," says McQuivey.

Currently, Forrester notes, only 9% of adult Americans have purchased videos online.

In any case, before sunset the sale of films on the Internet will have an important growth. The research firm expects an almost 3-fold increase in revenue for 2007, from $ 98 million to $ 279 million. For 2008 it will be very difficult, at least according to Forrester, that the trend can continue.