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TomTom now alerts you to unexpected events on the street

The new Jam Ahead Warning feature available in the TomTom Speed ??Cameras app for Android

(Photo: TomTom)(Photo: TomTom)

Sullapp TomTom Speed ??Cameras for Android a new feature called Jam Ahead Warning will be available thanks to which motorists can be notified, through visual and audible alarms, of an unexpected occurrence along the stretch of road, with the possibility of slowing down or stopping in due course

We are working to make the driving experience safer and more relaxed ",said Luca Tammaccaro, vice president of TomTom Italia: ?TomTom Jam Ahead warning is a concrete example of our commitment on the front. This new function, in fact, becomes strategic and useful especially on stretches of road where there is no clear view or for stretches following curves and Czech points.

The Tom Tom Speed ??Cameras application also provides the average speed control function, useful as it also shows the presence of the Tutor as well as fixed and mobile speed cameras.


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