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Tomorrow's PowerBook does Toshiba

Tomorrow's PowerBook does Toshiba logomacitynet1200wide 1

CD burner with DVD player, FireWire ports, standard Airport card, 850 MHz processor, Nvidia GeForce 2Go card. The next generation PowerBook will be on sale today, only it runs on Windows, is called Satellite 2805 and not Apple but Toshiba will produce it.The consideration arises spontaneously by reading the characteristics of the new laptop that the Japanese company will present before evening. Toshiba, in fact, seems to be fully inspired by the Cupertino laptop philosophy from which it mutuals standards and market targets pushing them further and offering its consumers an attractive product with many accessories and the power that consumers would like to see also in the PowerBook Titanium. The most surprising aspect of the Satellite 2805 is the presence of a CD burner offered as an option on the entire range and standard on the top model, making the Toshiba computer the first laptop in the world capable of performing real "travel" multimedia authoring. The CD-R for intended to be replaced in a short time by a DVD-R "as soon as the glo standard of recording has settled" they say to Toshiba. But in addition to the CD-R, you can scroll through all the features of the Satellite 2805 account the similarities with computers and Apple's philosophy don't stop there. For example we find FireWire connectors and the possibility of having an 802.11b wireless card pre-installed, in practice Airport (system that is standard and included in the price of other laptops of the same brand). Toshiba provides a strong discount for all those who opt for the wireless configuration and the possibility of having a refund of the installation cost if not satisfied. Finally, the Satellite 2805 will also have an acceleration card from Nvidia, the GeForce 2Go with 16 MB of video memory which will be increased to 32 MB in the summer. According to some sources, Apple will use the same card in future versions of the PowerBooks. In fact, the screen size is identical to that of the Titanium. The top version has a 15-inch active matrix monitor against the 15.2 ? of the Apple laptop. At the moment, however, the weight is not known, but it is likely that the Titanium is lighter than the Satellite and that it consumes even less and therefore has more autonomy. Sensitive differences and, at least on paper, to the benefit of Toshiba, as far as the processors are concerned which are 700 or 850 MHz Pentiums. Prices seem particularly attractive, given that the top version, with a 15-inch screen and 850 MHz processor will cost $ 2749, only 500,000 lire more than the 400 MHz Titanium but 1.5 million well less than the 500 MHz version which does not have the rewritable CD burner. In short, the Satellite 2805 really seems to be an anticipation of the next generation Powerbook which, in fact, will not be released in a few months and which could be very annoying by threatening the Apple's preferred target, that of multimedia authoring.

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