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There is an app to find out if someone is spying on your iPhone

Malware is increasingly refined, and often leaves no trace of its presence: an app is used to understand if your iPhone has been hacked


Someone could be part of 250,000 iPhones victims of 92 different types of malware and not knowing it. To answer the implicit question, based on data from a 2015 research, Germany has churned out an application capable of finding out if someone has violated their smartphone.

It's called System and Security Info and tries to find traces of attack on the phone. In fact, the problem of malware is not the attack itself, but the fact that they are increasingly refined and try not to leave a mark of their presence. I'm viruses operating in the background and that often do not reveal themselves without a thorough investigation.


The app can understand if an official version of iOS is running on the phone, or if this state has been the victim of a jailbreak and therefore also accessible by third parties who want to spy on the activities. The system created by the German researcher Stefano Esser also equipped with an anomaly detection function that verifies that certain security settings are valid.


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