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The wonders of AirPort part II.

The wonders of AirPort part II. logomacitynet1200wide 1

We had already accounted for recent introductions of IEEE 802.11b wireless technologies (that of the equivalent AirPort) in the waiting rooms of some US airports, a few months ago. Now the Scandinavian company SAS-Scandinavian Airlines System, the first in Europe to embrace these systems, try to offer their customers, on an experimental basis (period necessary for the bodies in charge such as the American FAA to ascertain their non-dangerousness), access to the web and e-mail in the cabins of their aircraft ( starting with a Boeing 767 on the routes to the USA) connected by satellite to 64KB and subsequently, in 2001, they will offer the same service in the 19 lounges of the airports served by SAS. We like to note that in the press release it is specified "the offer is aimed at PC and Mac laptops ?, a correct and comforting but decidedly unusual affirmation for the category. SAS conducted the study in collaboration with Tenzing Communications of Seattle (which h similar tests are underway with other carriers of the Star Alliance group, such as Air Canada) and the European telephony specialist, the Nordic Telia.Boeing, one of the two major manufacturers of commercial aircraft, for its part, promises to make it accessible to all its passengers the web (as well as various entertainment) with the Connexion by Boeing system, but this does not seem to imply wireless technologies. In the meantime Alaska Airlines and American Airlines declare they want to create the possibility to check-in wirelessly via Palm or some mobile phone models; ways that Lufthansa and Swissair have been using for some time in Europe.

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