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The wonders of Airport – part 1

In our recent trip to San Francisco for the MacWorld Expo we touched the revolution that Airport represents for the exchange of information.

The press room of the Moscone Center was in fact covered by a powerful Airport network that enabled any journalist equipped with the card inside his computer or a Wavelan Lucent type PCMCIA to sit in his position and be immediately operational without having to use the iMac made available, without connecting cables or configuring strange protocols (just select DCHP in the TCP / IP control panel).

The thing was so comfortable that many journalists preferred to camp, instead of in the room dedicated to them, in that of the refreshment service, where they gathered in a circle on immense tables, comfortable for writing and also for sending down a sandwich.

Unfortunately, Airport was not available in our hotel, even if our internal wireless network (among the powerbooks of the various reporters) we had installed it, and, although we used a "Free" Provider to carry out the night updates, the final result is been a frightening amount of shots (and dollars).

At the next MacWorld or the next trip to California of our readers there will be an extra opportunity to connect to the Internet, at a very low cost, and above all without having to look for an equipped press room but simply a coffee, a restaurant, a laundry ( !).

This is thanks to an American Internet provider AirWave who thought well to "wire" or better to "wave" (what a bad word … suggest one!) Much of California including San Franscisco, Palo Alto, San Jose and many other places in Silicon Valley.

Obviously the service is sold to the end user but also to the meeting point, be it a restaurant, a park, and as we have said, a laundry, where users can sit, make their own drinks and in the meantime surf the internet, chat with a webcam, watch your favorite show thousands of miles from home. There are different timed and flat rates … but what surprised us most is the possibility of connecting for a month for only $ 10. If we had known first, we would have put the hotel phone in a drawer …

In the meantime, in Italy we are still wondering if and how to pay the concession fee which equates an airport base to a broadcasting station …

For a look at Airport's capabilities, we recommend you to visit this MacProf page. In the next few days we will publish other services on how to install Airport on all new Macs and some old, unprepared models.