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The Italians reward iTunes

Italians love iTunes more and more, this, at least, as can be deduced from the information collected by Nielsen // NetRatings in March 2007 for our market.

iTunes among the Internet applications has gained the most ground with a 94% increase in use compared to March of last year. Overall, there were 2.1 million users of Apple's juke boxing, a very significant number if you consider that Skype (2.5 million) just above. iTunes has a penetration of 10.3% of the active Internet population with six month sessions. The result of iTunes is interesting because it is the closest among the software for the sale of 'pure' online music (thus excluding software that also serves to watch streaming video as a Real Player). MusicMatch ranks fifteenth with 331 thousand users and only 1.3% of the active Internet population.

Among the Internet applications in the first place is the widespread Windows Media Player with 10 million users and over 48% of active browsers. MSN Messanger ranks second (7.2 million, + 48%); eMule had 6.4 million users (+ 49%).

It should be noted that QuickTime also appears in the ranking, even further back, which ranks ninth with 7.6% of the active population and 1.6 million users and 2 sessions per month.

In addition to the growth of peer to peer and Intyernet applications, in general the most relevant phenomenon in Italy seems to be online video. Sites such as YouTube, the video channels of Libero, Alice, Google and Web TV (such as the TV and Multimedia sections of Repubblica and the Mediacenter of Corriere and Gazzetta) have collected great success. Also noteworthy is the growth of 'human' search engines such as Wikipedia (6.6 million users, more than doubled in the last year) and Yahoo! Answers (which reached 2.2 million users in 10 months) and sites where to build a virtual life such as Second Life (still little visited in Italy, but only in the last month has seen its users triple, past from 70 thousand users in February to 230 thousand users in March).

As for the more traditional categories, Internet users increased their presence on government and public administration sites in March (10.8 million visitors, + 8% compared to February), on job search sites (+ 23% compared to February) and on travel sites. The approach of the Easter holidays and the bridges of April 25 and May 1 seems to stimulate the desire for travel: 9.5 million people (47% of all Italian surfers) visited a travel site in March.

During the month, traffic intensified in particular on the websites of virtual travel agencies (Expedia + 16%, Edreams + 19%, Lastminute + 27%) and airlines (+ 7%) but also on travel-related sites, such as weather sites (+ 15%).

Particularly noteworthy are the increases in the audience of MSN / Windows Live and Microsoft (both with a + 7%), Alice (+ 5%), Yahoo! (+ 9%) Wikipedia (+ 10%), SeatPG Directories Online (+ 12%) and (+ 9%). The sites of fixed and mobile telephony operators are growing: Vodafone Omnitel (2.9 million, + 5%), Telecom Italia (2.4 million, + 14%) and TIM (2 million, + 29%).