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The direct Periscope can be saved forever

Baster add to the title #save to make sure that the live broadcasts are archived and not deleted after 24 hours

(Photo: Alessio Jacona)(Photo: Alessio Jacona)

The direct Periscope can be archived forever. Who knows how high the stack of folders entitled "new ideas" on the desk of Kayvon Beykpour is still high: after the autoplay in the Twitter timeline and the possibility of drawing on the screen live, the news announced by the CEO regards the possibility of saving the transmitted videos streaming.

If before the maximum stay on the platform following the live was twenty-four hours, now it will be enough add the hashtag #save to keep the video saved. This will allow those who want to keep it, but also to delete it faster.

The mechanism had already been used by the Meerkat app: it was enough to insert in the title "#katch" to make sure that the video was imported to YouTube. Too bad that Meerkat, precisely due to the pressure of competition from Periscope and Facebook Live, has left streaming to devote himself to a new project.


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