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The crisis is also in advertising

The crisis also in advertising logomacitynet1200wide 1

A real collapse. The small number of companies with a business mainly on the Internet to buy advertising space during the Super Bowl cannot be defined otherwise. Last year the dot com companies had literally made low of the spots that occupy the dead time of the final of the American Football championship representing 40% of the advertisements, this year instead they can be counted on the fingertips of one hand and not exceed 10%. The net cut, needless to say, due to the reduction in profits that prevents many companies from investing as expensive as those needed to broadcast a commercial during the most popular sporting event in America. Besides, no one intends to pay millions and millions of dollars to have an uncertain return, given that consumers do not seem so enthusiastic right now to transfer their earnings into the pockets of electronic business companies. "Actually – said Robert Labatt – there have been rather gross errors in the dot com companies' strategy also in the advertising sector. Whoever launches a product or service during the Super Bowl must also follow the announcement with a sufficiently incisive marketing campaign to further spread the recognition of what it has shown to all American consumers. This was not the case last year and the return of those who invested millions of dollars was not there. " A mistake that was paid dearly as some of the companies that made their appearance in the Supe4r Bowl last year have even gone bankrupt. This is the case with or Epidemic Marketing. We remember that the most famous of the commercials ever presented during a Super Bowl, the well-known "1984" from Apple. The advertising that serves to present the Macintosh is still considered one of the brightest examples in the world for the launch of a product.

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