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The batteries disappear

Batteries disappear logomacitynet1200wide 1

Less than two years after the PowerBook WallStreet leaves the scene, the additional batteries are now also disappearing: from this week it will no longer be possible to order them normally as any other accessory. Behind Apple's decision, evidently, the low demand from users, those who needed more batteries for such a laptop must have already bought them in the past, bringing the sales volumes of the product to levels that are no longer convenient.

Do not worry if you have a laptop of this series for: the machine remains very valid in many respects and the lack of batteries as an accessory must not make you worry over due, Apple will still keep a good supply of materials as spare parts and it will be possible in any now to have the replacement of the exhausted battery using Apple assistance, after all it is still possible to order batteries for Apple computers that are much older than the WallStreets, it is only necessary to change the interlocutor, not the dealer but the assistance structure.

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