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The 5 best iOS games of the moment

Not only puzzle game: with these 5 apps you can play with barbarians, hot air balloons and cute boar riders. And with your index finger

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While the giants of the game buy billionaire mobile companies as if they were candy, the common user snubs the games for smartphones and tablets thinking that the maximum gameplay that this market can express is made by some swipe on boring puzzle games or by a frantic tap on an unpleasant and now dead bird.

Although casual gaming is the evil of the industry in the eyes of real enthusiasts, while a phenomenon capable of igniting avid sparks in the pupils of investors and managers, it is not always true that on smartphones only games are developed from one hit and go. Sometimes you have to know how to scratch the surface of a 10 billion dollar phenomenon in 2015 (a figure destined to rise in the years to come) to come across real programming pearls whose echoes have repercussions not only on the portfolios of the players involved, but also on pop culture.

The high number of releases on the App Store (about 25 titles every hour) does not help to find your way among the countless clones published to follow the latest trend and the titles in which to invest your money. For this we went to find five truly unmissable gamesrecently published on iOS.

Clash Royale(Freemium). Let's start from the gigantic last work of Supercell, the first of the 50 companies that dominate this market with profits that have touched the billion dollars in 2015 thanks to the 100 million players per day spread over just 4 titles. The creators of Clash of Clans are the equivalent of Blizzard Entertainment in the mobile world: do not miss a beat by creating not simple games, but real trends destined to change the App Store. Their latest effort is called Clash Royale and is based on the lore of their most famous title: you will therefore find yourself barbarians, hot air balloons, wild boar riders (Hog Rider).

This time for non-asynchronous multiplayer, but in real time, to guarantee emotions never experienced on a mobile device. The game an RTS with a splash of tower defense and a clove of MOBA:you must place your troops on a battlefield, at the cost of several units of elixir, in order to destroy the 3 opposing towers. Downloadable and enjoyable even without spending a euro, Clash Royale in truth a freemium: you can buy gems to speed up your progression and become stronger than your rivals more quickly. Those who believe that it is enough to pay to win for are wrong: the very high strategic component and a half-second distraction is enough to turn a sweaty victory into a scorching defeat. Simply perfect.

Cut The Rope: Magic(0.99 euros + purchases in the app). Here are the nice Om Nom of Zeptolab, now become a global phenomenon comparable to Minions and appearing on T-shirts, plush toys, web series and toys of all kinds. The hungry and green creatures, born in 2010 from the mind of the twins Efim and Semyon Voinov, return with powerful magical powersin this new chapter in the series. The gameplay follows slavishly what made the saga famous all over the world and suitable for young and old: static puzzles where you have to cut some cords that keep juicy candies hanging in order to make them fall into the mouth of the Om Nom present in the level.

The novelty of the Magic chapter is truly relevant and unprecedented: the player can transform his pets into fish, birds or even dragons using new skills to solve the complicated levels designed by Russian developers.

Chamaleon Run(1.99 euros). The genre of runner games perfect for smartphones: you only need one finger, but a lot of skill. In Chamaleon Run, in truth, two fingers are needed, one to jump and the other to change color by replicating the behavior of the homonymous reptile: each surface of the game can be touched only with the corresponding color, otherwise the level will fail.

The title of the independent Hyperbolic Magnetism manages to transmit a feeling of speed rarely experienced and a real joy for the eyes. A very fluid 3D graphics accompanies the user through non-linear levels that play with physics, gravity and above all completely unconventional patterns. Whenever you come to the end of a race you canstart it again with a different goal: never change color, collect all the gems, be the fastest.

Finger Hero(free + in-app purchases). Truth be told, I bought an iPhone 6s and didn't use the 3D touch. But here it comes to the rescuethe most absurd of heroes: the index finger. Finger Hero is an embarrassing simplicity game that will keep you glued to your smartphone for hours. Place your finger on the screen and avoid the obstacles that stand between you and your record score. Press harder using 3D touch and your hero's speed will increase. Simplicity in the mechanics does not indicate a lack of attention to detail in the creation of the game, on the contrary: it is the latter that make this title a classic. Each unlockable character will have its own personality, will change the level graphics and sounds in a fun way. It becomes mandatory to unlock them all. Exhilarating.

framed(2.99 euros). Although Framed is almost two years old, we did not feel like excluding him from this list given the approximately 30 international awards earned. The game even bewitched Hideo Kojima, the director of Metal Gear Solid, who called it his personal game of the year. Developed in Australia by Loveshack, an independent team consisting of only 3 people, Framed is a masterpiece for smartphones that would not disfigure in the lineup of a home console. It is a puzzle game based on a totally new concept: the player will have to change the order of the events narrated on a comic book page, so as to change the fate of the main character.

To the unique gameplay and a sublime technical realization, an absolutely not obvious plot is added. Lowered into a noir atmosphere made of chiaroscuro, silhouette and jazz music, the player will have to accompany a dark pair of thieves to the delivery of a mysterious suitcase.


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