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Sharp i-Elegance, two new docking systems in the iPod stable

Sharp has also chosen not to stay out of the iPod galaxy and after the presentation at CES last January it also introduces two systems with dock connector for the Cupertino media player in Italy, the i-Elegance DK-A1 and the i-Elegance DK-A10.

The two systems are stylistically similar: from the tubular shape that expands at the ends, they appear compact and certainly easy to carry. They have the speakers on the front, protected by the cover network, and the dock connector on the upper side.The speakers are equipped with integrated subwoofers to also cover low frequencies, in addition to an electronic equalizer to change the sound performance according to the type of music listened to.

Sharp offers Esound audio technology, capable of preventing defects in the compression of digital files and offering the highest quality of music played. Both models include an AM / FM radio, capable of storing up to 32 frequency presets, a clock radio with snooze function and a remote control for remote control.

The fundamental difference between the two models lies in a CD player included in the i-Elegance DK-A10 model, compatible with CD-R / RW containing both mp3 and WMA files. The i-Elegances are compatible with all iPod models, thanks to an adapter included in the package.

They are available in Italy at recommended retail prices, including VAT, of Euro 229.00 for the DK-A1 models (radio and iPod connection) and Euro 329.00 for the DK-A10 models (radio, iPod connection and CD player) The black version identified by the abbreviation 'BK' placed at the end of the code (eg DK-A10BK).

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