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Resize videos for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter online

Have you made a nice video during the holidays or at an event and want to share it on social networks or on a sharing platform in the right format and above all with the right proportions?

Whatever your needs, to resize a video, it is not necessary to rely on expensive (and professional) video editing programs such as Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere. There are valid solutions of online editing which represent excellent free alternatives to the most famous software and which make this operation convenient and fast.

We will see in this guide how to resize a video and choose the format for sharing on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with a service that can be used for free.

Resize a video: Kapwing's Resize Video tool

When you capture a video with your smartphone or camera, you need to set parameters that affect the aspect ratio, the number of frames per second and the resolution. If we only realize later that we have created a video that is too generous for the social network on which we want to share it, we can rely on Kapwing with the tool Resize Video.

The editing operations that we can carry out directly from our smartphone or using our computer are:

  1. Crop – cutting the proportions of the video
  2. Resize – change of proportions
  3. Change the wallpaper – White or black
  4. Trim – cut a video and choose start and end

The Kapwings Resize Video tool online service allows you to use these operations on the fly, mainly by assigning the right proportions and dimensions based on the target platform. The site can be reached by clicking here on the image below.

Resize videos online

The site is very simple to use: just click on the buttonUpload to select the video file you want to resize or, alternatively, use a video URL (for example copied from other platforms on the internet) in the field Paste a URL. The latter operation is particularly useful if you have already uploaded the video online.

Once the file to be resized is loaded, one will automatically open interactive window where you can start the video (excellent for checking the preview) and select, in the sidebar, the scaling to be applied.

Resize aspect ratio online

The following are present profiles for resizing:

  • Instagram (1: 1)
  • Instagram or Snapshat Stories (9:16)
  • YouTube (16: 9)
  • Facebook or vertical Twitter (4: 5)
  • Facebook or Twitter horizontal (5: 4)
  • Facebook cover (820: 312)

Choose the profile that is right for you as the first operation and then select "Crop?If you want to cut the video. It is possible to act on the background (if there are upper and lower bands) by choosing a white or black one.

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The other tools let you do it Zoom of the video, decentralize it by changing its position is cut it to change the start or end second.

By clicking on ?Create Video?, In a few instants (depends on the size of the original file), you will have your video ready for download without using professional editing programs.

It is very curious that the tool can also be used to choose the right proportions to an image based on the social network; in other words, for example, you can use it to create a Facebook cover or to cut a photo in the form of a square for Instagram.

Warning! The resizing tool offered for free by Kapwing, adds a little watermark at the bottom right with the site name. If the watermark at the bottom right is a problem for you, you must remove it for a fee (one-off) or sign up for a subscription form. This service also offers many other online tools for working with video files and, by subscribing to a subscription, you will have the opportunity to use them all for free and without having watermarks on the final video.

Other online programs and services to resize videos

Currently the online tool offered byKapwing one of the best for resizing a video on the fly to share chats or social profiles. It is extremely fast, easy to use and with a clean and intuitive interface. However, you can use many other online services or sites to process videos.

Below, we recommend some software and sites where you can edit your videos:

The best free programs to resize videos:

Online sites to resize videos: