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Paul McCartney's latest album pre-ordered on the iTunes Store

Paul McCartney's latest album pre-ordered on the iTunes Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the clearing of the relationship between Apple (computer) and Apple (the Beatles record company), the official confirmation of the appearance on the digital music store of Cupertino of the solo discography of the most famous survivor of the large group arrives: it begins with "the latest album not yet available on the market.

Users of the US Apple store who pre-order the 13-track album of "Macca" will receive the music video "Dance Tonight" (starring Natalie Portman and director Michel Gondry) as a gift when "Memory Almost Full" is ready and immediately after the pre-order they can download the single "Ever Present Past".

In other worldwide iTunes stores (including the Italian one) users who pre-order the album will receive an exclusive acoustic version of "Dance Tonight".

During the month of May the entire catalog (25 albums) of the bassist-singer-composer will be available on the iTunes store.

The album will be available to the public on June 5 and represents the first release of Hear Music, a label created by Starbucks Entertainment and Concord Music Group.

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