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Paper phones

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The British "The Register" published the news that an American inventor planned to put "disposable" mobile phones on the market at a cost of $ 10. The idea belongs to Randice-Lisa Altschul, who owns 22 patents on as many curious technologies.

Called "Phone-Card-Phone", the device as high as three credit cards and built with recycled paper and materials. The phone allows up to 60 minutes of talk time and can also be used without hands. Although the name suggests the contario, there is no card to insert in the system: when users have finished the minutes of conversation they can throw away the phone or top up with their credit card by calling a number made available by the telephone operator.

The phone will be distributed in various ways: in supermarkets, in clothing stores and as a promotional item by third-party companies such as McDonalds and the like who have already said they are interested in the device.

According to "The Register", the Altschul company (located in New Jersey) has already accumulated orders for 100 million units, so much so that 300 million pieces should be produced in the first year. The product will be released on the US market in the third quarter of 2001 and six months later it should be available in the rest of the world. The gadget, according to its inventor, is excellent for "mothers, children and the elderly." money the next Bill Gates "said Altschul. Among the other objects invented by this American gentleman there is also a device (always made of paper) for access to the web which should cost $ 20 and which will be launched in late 2002.

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