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nVIDIA instead of ATI?

The indiscretions site Appleinsider has published a news according to which Apple plans to abandon ATI and have only nVidia as the only video card supplier for all Macs that will be produced from now on.

For years, ATI Technologies has been the main supplier of the graphics chips and video cards present in Apple computers; starting in the summer of 1999, the Cupertino company sought to find an alternative supplier capable of producing better and more performing drivers. Apple's relationship with ATI then worsened when, last summer, representatives of the Canadian company declared – a few hours before Steve Jobs officially did so – the adoption of some new ATI video cards by Apple.

The latter was the "excuse" that allowed Apple representatives to start distancing themselves from the Canadian manufacturer. nVidia, in fact, produces video cards widely appreciated by the market and faster than those produced by ATI thanks also to a capable team of engineers dedicated to the development of excellent drivers for Mac.

The trump card of nVidia also consists in the fact that it produces absolutely identical video cards for both Mac and PC (only the driver changes): there is absolutely no difference in performance between the video cards for Mac and those for PC .

According to Appleinsider, the transition has already taken place partially (three out of four products of the G4 professional line are equipped with nVidia cards) and will be almost completed by this winter when, among other things, a PowerBook with nVidia AGP 4x, capable of exploiting, should be released maximum performance of video cards.In a short time (at the next MacWorld expo in Tokyo?), instead, we should see the iMac with the nVIDIA GeForce 2 Mx.

As for the iBook (which has a 66MHz bus), according to Appleinsider we have to wait until next year before seeing it with an nVida card. (By Newton)