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No more interrupted movies: now you can decide on Netflix consumption from mobile

The latest version of the service app allows you to control data consumption when streaming from mobile

Netflix on tablet (Photo: Netflix)(Photo: Netflix)

Hands up who has had to stop watching a Netflix program before it ended due to the onset consumption limit of your data traffic. Here it is. It won't happen again.

The latest version of the app introduces a tool that allows you to better control data consumption when streaming over the cellular network. The default setting allows you to stream about 3 hours of TV programs and movies for each gigabyte of data, but here's how to customize: select "App Settings" in the menu and choose "Mobile data consumption". At this point you can select the automatic setting and choose a greater or lesser use of data, according to your plan.

The various options are well illustrated, with an indication of how many hours can be covered per GB: from a minimum of 1 for maximum quality to a maximum of 4 for the lightest version.


"We constantly try to improve the quality of the image, while maintaining maximum streaming efficiency and for this reason the bitrates may not be constant. As always with streaming, actual use of data may vary based on device capabilities and network conditions. "Eddy Wu, director of product innovation at Netflix, explains in the official post.


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