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Microsoft: "iPhone irrelevant to the business public"

Microsoft: "iPhone irrelevant to the business public" logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone is a product not relevant to the professional universe because it is based on a closed system and does not support Office formats. Chris Sorenson, Microsoft's manager in charge of smartphone strategies for Asia and the Pacific, dismissed the chances of success for Cupertino's mobile phone within the companies.

?IPhone a closed device? said, according to ZDnet, Sorenson during a meeting that took place in Australia ?nothing can be installed and does not support Office documents. If you work in a company and want to load applications there is no way to do it and even those who need intensive use for text communication would find it uncomfortable. "

Among the factors that will limit its success, again according to Sorenson, the fact that corporate customers are familiar with the Windows interface and the news introduced by version 6 of Microsoft's mobile operating system.

The Microsoft manager, in any case, believes that iPhone can do well in the consumer field: 'a great music phone, I'm sure that in this respect it will be fantastic. And it has an interesting interface ?

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