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Microsoft hopes for Akamai

Microsoft hopes for Akamai logomacitynet1200wide 1

The difficulties at the start of the week and the pirate attacks that continued until late Friday evening convinced Microsoft that radical decisions are needed to give its websites the necessary visibility. Cos Redmond has signed a contract with Akamai, the well-known company specializing in the distribution of Internet services with high access requests, to back up his DNS names. In this way, if in the future episodes like those of the last few days were to repeat, it will be very difficult for Microsoft to disappear from the network as Akamai has 8000 servers scattered in 55 countries, each of which redistributes traffic ensuring constant visibility and speed to the hosted Internet sites. " The lesson we received from pirates – said Rick Devenuti, head of Microsoft's technology services – was hard and painful. We realized that we had not taken sufficient self-defense measures. ?Microsoft has also started to review the internal structure of its networks, also under accusation. According to computer systems experts, the decision to keep all of its domains located on a single network in one building exposed Microsoft even more to potential attacks and technical problems. The fact that Microsoft's domains for a whole week were both invisible fact has constituted, in addition to economic damage, also a failure in terms of image.

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